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Tips on saving hot water, energy and money

Find out how proper maintenance of your hot water system can save you water, money and energy.

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Six tips for being hot water wise

Find out how you can be hot water wise and avoid unexpected power bills.

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New financial year, new energy tariffs

Discover how to make the best of the new electricity tariffs

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Heating your home: what does it cost?

Find out how much it really costs to heat your home

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Prepare your home to battle the cold

Avoid high power bills this winter by preparing your home

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While utmost care is taken to research material from respected sources and maintain currency in all matters, please note that energy pricing differs between network areas and appliance energy consumption varies depending on the size, type, tariff, individual condition of unit and use.  As all information and advice offered on this site is of a general nature, we recommend you seek personal advice from a specialist before making major purchasing decisions.