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Queensland households it’s time to renovate your energy budget. Happy New Financial Year!

Electricity prices for Queensland households increased again this 1 July and we’ve analysed the current prices, offers, terms and conditions to offer you advice on how to make the most of your energy budget this year.

Standard prices continue to be set by the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) for households in the Ergon network area (regional Queensland).

Prices have now been deregulated in South East Queensland (aka ENERGEX network area) where householders are free to choose between scores of different deals offered by now more than ten different companies.

We’ve created a series of articles offering advice to help you navigate through the numbers to find the magic formula to suit your situation. This first one will focus on discounts; giving you all the information you need to find the right plan for you.

Reading the fine print

Like most thing, discounts offered usually are subject to certain conditions being met. You’ll always find them in the tiny, small print on your energy contract however we’ve listed some of the important considerations below:

  • pay in full, on time
  • pay by direct debit
  • set up your account yourself on line (smaller discounts may be offered to those calling their energy company)
  • receive your bills via Email (charges may be incurred for paper bills)

Consider all the numbers as discounts:

  • May be applicable only to the energy usage portion of your bill (excluding supply charges)
  • Offered on energy usage, and supply charges may be based on higher supply and tariff charges than competitors offers.
  • Need to be re-negotiated at the end of your contract period.
  • May not applicable if accounts are not paid in full on the due date.

How to get the best discounts

While there are lots of discounts out there, with some simple behaviours you’ll be in the best position to take advantage of them.

  • Always try to pay your account on time.
  • Be aware of extra charges that may be incurred for special meter readings, credit or debit card payments, late payment, dishonoured payment, disconnection and reconnection fees.
  • Consider changing providers mid-contract if a better deal becomes available. Exit fees are limited to $20 in Queensland.
  • If you can’t pay your account, contact your energy provider and request added time to pay or seek to enter their hardship program.