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Welcome to EnergyAid…

For more than 20 years I’ve worked in both the appliance and energy industries – constantly researching, learning and sharing topical energy information and advice with Australian householders and small businesses.

After a decade of working with manufacturers, Miele and Bosch, I was chosen to manage the energyinstitute, a home energy advisory service for the energy company ENERGEX, servicing one million households in South East Queensland.

If you’re a Queensland native, you may remember the energyinstitute from its informative articles included in your quarterly bill, or maybe you visited the website to use the appliance running cost calculator and find handy information.

Perhaps you even called one of the ‘institute team’ seeking advice about your own situation. We happily provided insight to where most of your energy dollars were being spent, offered tips on how to use less energy and even offered advice on new appliances featuring energy saving technology.

For the past eight years as Origin Energy’s resident energy expert, householders throughout all eastern states may have found energy saving information and advice tailored to suit one of three different climate zones, within 11 different electricity networks and 35 different natural gas network areas.

Each article was individually prepared for the reader, as the energy availability, pricing and requirements are different for those who live in the cooler area of Tasmania; temperamental areas with cold and heat temperature extremes in the ACT, Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales, and predominantly hot and humid climate in Queensland, where electricity is the favoured energy form.

My working life has been rich in first-hand knowledge, measuring appliance consumption and conducting energy audits in homes and businesses, meeting with community groups and people at home and trade shows throughout Australia.

I am a single mother with a working child still at home who contributes to household expenses (yes energy bills too!), volunteer part of my time to the clients of St Vincent de Paul in Queensland, and am available to help you too.

I look forward to sharing this new energy journey with you, and hopefully saving you a few dollars along the way.

If you’ve got any questions, requests or just want to say hi, I’d encourage you to leave a comment, visit our Facebook page or drop me an email.